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Medical Advisory Services

Physician consults with client

What’s included in Medcan’s Medical Advisory Service?

Medcan’s Medical Advisory services provides occupational and environmental medicine services to organizations to help them protect their people through not only healthcare but also policy implementation. We are proud of our more than 30 years of providing high-value, medically-based counsel and solutions to our clients.

We understand that people are your most critical asset. A healthy, productive work force enables your organization to fulfill its corporate goals. Medcan’s Medical Advisory Service’s focus is on enabling continued productivity by ensuring the protection of your employees.

  • Corporate health governance including but not limited to strategic planning, health and safety policies/procedures, occupational health, workplace safety, and accommodations
  • Local and global pandemic and infectious disease management planning, business continuity planning and enterprise-wide risk management
  • Design and management of corporate plans/initiatives including but not limited to executive health, disability, wellness, mental health, critical illness management, and complex disease management
  • Relevant updates on external health environment including but not limited to legislative changes, healthcare reforms, emerging health issues including epidemics and public health issues, social changes/concerns impacting health, corporate health management trends, and corporate wellness trends and initiatives
  • Medical/health advice on specific employee files of particular concern
  • Any other matters in relation to occupational health and safety including but not limited to health policies and procedures, workplace illness and injury, mental health and workplace stress, substance abuse and management, disability management and return to work and health and well-being.

Services may be provided on site or at the offices of Medcan. Additional location support considerations can be supported as part of service delivery.

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Medcan’s Safe at Work System:

World-class medical advisory and related services

Medcan’s Safe at Work System can help your organization navigate the pandemic while instilling trust and confidence in your employees and stakeholders.

Medical Advisory Services

With over 100 years of collective Occupational Health and Safety expertise, Medcan’s Medical Advisory Services (MAS) team of physicians is the foundation of our Safe at Work System. Your organization will be assigned a lead physician who will advise on pandemic planning, business continuity, health governance, and any other relevant health and safety matters. Our experts provide educational webinars (i.e. on vaccines) and advisory on corporate communications to empower your employees to make informed decisions regarding their own health and safety.

COVID-19 Testing

Medcan currently offers polymerase chain reaction (PCR) testing, a molecular test that uses a nasal swab to determine if you’re currently infected—even if there aren’t any symptoms. We continue to explore new testing technologies and capabilities that can facilitate a safe return to work.

Research Reports

In addition to an executive summary outlining key developments and insights, Medcan’s research reports include global, national, provincial and local statistics and trends, as well as updates and MAS team positions on reopening plans (businesses and schools), return-to-workplace considerations, contact tracing, testing and vaccines.


Medcan Media will deliver engaging and impactful learning content to your employees to help them not only navigate COVID-19-related health priorities, but also focus on their overall well-being, including their mental health. From bi-weekly educational webinars (i.e. on vaccines) to expert-led podcasts and videos, our diverse panel of health professionals delivers unique Eat Move Think-related content in formats that maximize engagement and impact.

On-Site Nursing

Our trained registered nurses will provide employee screening, testing, temperature checks, consultations and education to ensure that your employees are safe, informed and comfortable in the workplace.

Screening Technology

Encourage your staff to self-report their health symptoms and status with Medcan’s award-winning Safe at Work app—a daily screener designed to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 in the workplace.

Virtual Care and Clinical Hotline

With our virtual nursing option, your employees will receive medical advice at the push of a button, including unlimited virtual appointments with a Medcan physician using their phone, tablet or desktop computer. They’ll also have access to our bilingual clinical hotline, available nationally, where they can connect with one of our registered nurses—supported by the MAS team—seven days a week.

Discover how we can help you ensure the health, safety, and productivity of your people—wherever you are in your pandemic response journey.

Send a note to to book a complimentary consultation with a MAS team physician to assess your pandemic response plan.